A List of All Known Events

Event Hosts Dates
CandlemasGrey Niche, Barony of03-Feb-2024
Winter WondersArdanroe, Shire of12-Jan-2024 -- 14-Jan-2024
12th NightSeleone, Barony of06-Jan-2024
Tournament of Champions 12Iron Ox, Shire of08-Dec-2023 -- 10-Dec-2023
Christmas RevelAxemoor, Barony of01-Dec-2023 -- 03-Dec-2023
War of the Rams XBordermarch, Barony of16-Nov-2023 -- 19-Nov-2023
Fall Crown List 2023Lagerdamm, Province of10-Nov-2023 -- 12-Nov-2023
SamhainGrey Niche, Barony of27-Oct-2023 -- 29-Oct-2023
Step Down Court of Connor III and Dinara IILoch Bais, Shire of07-Oct-2023
Coronation of Christof and BroinninnLoch Bais, Shire of07-Oct-2023 -- 08-Oct-2023
Kingdom A&SGrey Niche, Barony of16-Sep-2023
Slay the DragonVogelburg, Shire of02-Sep-2023
Pennsic 50No Group10-Aug-2023
Summer War MeleesIron Ox, Shire of08-Jul-2023
Athenaeum of the Arts and SciencesAxemoor, Barony of03-Jun-2023
Spring Crown ListIron Ox, Shire of20-May-2023
Beltaine 2023 (Baronial Court)Grey Niche, Barony of29-Apr-2023
NewbieLagerdamm, Province of14-Apr-2023 -- 16-Apr-2023
Spring Coronation 2023Axemoor, Barony of31-Mar-2023 -- 02-Apr-2023
Gulf WarsNo Group13-Mar-2023 -- 19-Mar-2023
Fighter's CollegiumDragoun's Weal, Shire of24-Feb-2023 -- 26-Feb-2023
CandlemasGrey Niche, Barony of04-Feb-2023
Swamp RompTroll Fen, Shire of27-Jan-2023 -- 29-Jan-2023
Winter WondersArdanroe, Shire of21-Jan-2023
12th NightSeleone, Barony of07-Jan-2023
Christmas RevelAxemoor, Barony of03-Dec-2022
Bordermarch Autumn MeleesBordermarch, Barony of18-Nov-2022 -- 20-Nov-2022
Fall Crown ListSmall Gray Bear, Barony of11-Nov-2022 -- 13-Nov-2022
Samhain - Baronial CourtGrey Niche, Barony of28-Oct-2022 -- 30-Oct-2022
Samhain - Kingdom CourtGrey Niche, Barony of28-Oct-2022 -- 30-Oct-2022
Fall Coronation of Axel and JacquetteLagerdamm, Province of14-Oct-2022 -- 16-Oct-2022
Slay the DragonVogelburg, Shire of01-Oct-2022
Kingdom A&SSeleone, Barony of16-Sep-2022 -- 18-Sep-2022
Diamond WarsSmall Gray Bear, Barony of02-Sep-2022 -- 04-Sep-2022
Gleann Abhann Bardic ChampionshipNo Group17-Jul-2022
Tournament of ChampionsCaer Dun, Shire of04-Jun-2022
Spring Crown List 2022Caer Dun, Shire of21-May-2022 -- 22-May-2022
BeltaineGrey Niche, Barony of22-Apr-2022 -- 24-Apr-2022
Spring Coronation of Connor and DinaraLagerdamm, Province of08-Apr-2022 -- 10-Apr-2022
Gulf WarNo Group14-Mar-2022 -- 17-Apr-2022
Fighters CollegiumBlackmoor Keep, Shire of26-Feb-2022
CandlemasGrey Niche, Barony of05-Feb-2022
12th NightSeleone, Barony of08-Jan-2022
Christmas RevelAxemoor, Barony of03-Dec-2021 -- 05-Dec-2021
Crown List 32Grey Niche, Barony of13-Nov-2021
Samhain Baronial CourtGrey Niche, Barony of30-Oct-2021
Samhain Crown CourtGrey Niche, Barony of30-Oct-2021
Coranation James lll & Joan lll -Ardanroe, Shire of23-Oct-2021
Coranation James lll & Joan lll - Last Court Of Caillin III & Danielle IIIArdanroe, Shire of23-Oct-2021
Gleann Abhann A&S Virtual EventNo Group16-Oct-2021 -- 31-Dec-1969
Crown List 31 - Caillin III & Danielle IIIAxemoor, Barony of25-Sep-2021
Nuts to the PlagueSeleone, Barony of24-Jul-2021
Fourth Online court of Caillin III & Danielle IIIDragoun's Weal, Shire of07-Nov-2020
Third Online court of Caillin III & Danielle IIIIron Ox, Shire of24-Oct-2020
Second Online court of Caillin III & Danielle IIINo Group17-Oct-2020
First online court of Caillin III & Danielle IIINo Group14-Jun-2020
Coronation of Caillin III & Danielle IIINo Group02-Apr-2020
Virtual Court of Connor and VictoriaNo Group28-Mar-2020
Fighters CollegiumSmythkepe, Shire of21-Feb-2020 -- 23-Feb-2020
CandlemasGrey Niche, Barony of01-Feb-2020
Brobearian BrawlSmall Gray Bear, Barony of24-Jan-2020 -- 26-Jan-2020
HogamanaySeleone, Barony of17-Jan-2020 -- 19-Jan-2019
Winter WondersArdanroe, Shire of17-Jan-2020 -- 19-Jan-2020
Slay the DragonVogelburg, Shire of13-Dec-2019 -- 15-Dec-2019
Christmas Revel 2019Axemoor, Barony of06-Dec-2019 -- 08-Dec-2019
Bordermarch Autumn MeleesNo Group22-Nov-2019 -- 24-Nov-2019
Heraldric HavocLoch Bais, Shire of15-Nov-2019 -- 17-Nov-2019
Fall Crown List 2019Grey Niche, Barony of08-Nov-2019 -- 10-Nov-2019
All things Celt: Get your Irish onPilgrims Fount, Shire of01-Nov-2019 -- 03-Nov-2019
SamhainGrey Niche, Barony of25-Oct-2019 -- 27-Oct-2019
Aphar FaireLagerdamm, Province of11-Oct-2019 -- 13-Oct-2019
First Courts of Connor & ViktoriyaBlackmoor Keep, Shire of04-Oct-2019 -- 06-Oct-2019
Last Court of William III & Onora IIIBlackmoor Keep, Shire of04-Oct-2019 -- 26-Oct-2019
Gleann Abhann Arts & Sciences 2019Seleone, Barony of20-Sep-2019 -- 22-Sep-2019
Silk Road IVTor an Riogh, Shire of13-Sep-2019 -- 15-Sep-2019
Mid-Summer Knights DreamSmythkepe, Shire of29-Aug-2019 -- 31-Aug-2019
Knight's AcademyDragoun's Weal, Shire of19-Jul-2019 -- 21-Jul-2019
Academy of Performing ArtsRavenshold, Shire of28-Jun-2019 -- 30-Jun-2019
Crown List Spring - 2019Ravenshold, Shire of17-May-2019 -- 19-May-2019
TOC XTor an Riogh, Shire of10-May-2019 -- 12-May-2019
Beltaine & RTOC IIIGrey Niche, Barony of26-Apr-2019 -- 28-Apr-2019
Coronation - First Courts of William III & Onora IIINo Group12-Apr-2019 -- 14-Apr-2019
Coronation - Last Court of Gareth & LailianeNo Group12-Apr-2019 -- 14-Apr-2019
Newbie Collegium - 2019Lagerdamm, Province of30-Mar-2019
Gulf Wars 28No Group09-Mar-2019 -- 17-Mar-2019
Fighters' Collegium 2019Iron Ox, Shire of22-Feb-2019 -- 24-Feb-2019
Turf Wars 2019No Group15-Feb-2019 -- 17-Feb-2019
CandlemasGrey Niche, Barony of01-Feb-2019 -- 03-Feb-2019
Winter WondersArdanroe, Shire of11-Jan-2019 -- 13-Jan-2019
Slay the Dragon & Save the MaidenVogelburg, Shire of07-Dec-2018 -- 09-Dec-2018
Crown List - Fall 2018No Group09-Nov-2018 -- 11-Nov-2018
Samhain 2018Grey Niche, Barony of25-Oct-2018 -- 27-Oct-2018
Diamond Wars 2018Small Gray Bear, Barony of18-Oct-2018 -- 21-Oct-2018
fall Coronation - first courts of Gareth & LailianeAxemoor, Barony of05-Oct-2018 -- 07-Oct-2018
fall Coronation - Last court of Aengus & MeaghanAxemoor, Barony of05-Oct-2018 -- 07-Oct-2018
Aphar FaireLagerdamm, Province of21-Sep-2018 -- 23-Sep-2018
Service SymposiumNo Group14-Sep-2018 -- 16-Sep-2018
Silk Road IIITor an Riogh, Shire of07-Sep-2018 -- 09-Sep-2018
Kingdom Arts & Sciences Faire 2018Axemoor, Barony of17-Aug-2018 -- 19-Aug-2018
Pennsic 47No Group27-Jul-2018 -- 12-Aug-2018
Academy of Performing ArtsRavenshold, Shire of13-Jul-2018 -- 15-Jul-2018
Tournament of Champions IXLagerdamm, Province of15-Jun-2018 -- 17-Jun-2018
Crown List - Spring 2018Smythkepe, Shire of18-May-2018 -- 20-May-2018
Candlelight CampSmall Gray Bear, Barony of05-May-2018
Beltaine 2018Grey Niche, Barony of27-Apr-2018 -- 29-Apr-2018
St. Bogdacious 2018Axemoor, Barony of20-Apr-2018 -- 22-Apr-2018
Spring Crown / Coronation - Aengus II / Meaghan IITroll Fen, Shire of13-Apr-2018 -- 15-Apr-2018
Spring Crown / Coronation - James II / Joan IITor an Riogh, Shire of13-Apr-2018 -- 15-Apr-2018
Gulf Wars XXVIINo Group10-Mar-2018 -- 18-Mar-2018
Fighters' CollegiumWyrmgeist, Shire of23-Feb-2018 -- 25-Feb-2018
Gleann Abhann Meridies Family ReuionTor an Riogh, Shire of16-Feb-2018 -- 18-Feb-2018
Saint Sanity VPilgrims Fount, Shire of09-Feb-2018 -- 11-Feb-2018
CandlemasGrey Niche, Barony of03-Feb-2018
Swamp Romp 2018Troll Fen, Shire of26-Jan-2018 -- 28-Jan-2018
Newbie Collegium 2018Lagerdamm, Province of20-Jan-2018
Winter Wonders 32Ardanroe, Shire of12-Jan-2018 -- 14-Jan-2018
12th Night - 2018Seleone, Barony of06-Jan-2018
Christmas RevelAxemoor, Barony of01-Dec-2017 -- 03-Dec-2017
War of the Rams 2017Unknown16-Nov-2017 -- 18-Nov-2017
Fall Crown List - StefanGrey Niche, Barony of10-Nov-2017 -- 12-Nov-2017
Samhain: Ork WarsGrey Niche, Barony of27-Oct-2017 -- 29-Oct-2017
Diamond Wars 2017Small Gray Bear, Barony of19-Oct-2017 -- 22-Oct-2017
Fall Coronation / Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseIron Ox, Shire of13-Oct-2017 -- 15-Oct-2017
Silk Road IITor an Riogh, Shire of22-Sep-2017 -- 24-Sep-2017
Kingdom Arts & Sciences FaireAxemoor, Barony of15-Sep-2017 -- 17-Sep-2017
The Feast of St. HubertusPilgrims Fount, Shire of08-Sep-2017 -- 10-Sep-2017
Slay the DragonVogelburg, Shire of25-Aug-2017 -- 27-Aug-2017
Aphar Faire: Lammas- A Harvest CelebrationLagerdamm, Province of12-Aug-2017
Pennsic War 46No Group05-Aug-2017 -- 12-Aug-2017
Bellwether Arts CollegiumLoch Bais, Shire of22-Jul-2017
The Night at the Golden DragonWyrmgeist, Shire of15-Jul-2017
Tournament of Champions VIIIDragoun's Weal, Shire of02-Jun-2017 -- 04-Jun-2017
Crown List - Spring 2017 - James IILoch Bais, Shire of19-May-2017 -- 21-May-2017
Candlelight Camp 2017Small Gray Bear, Barony of06-May-2017
Beltaine - 2017Grey Niche, Barony of28-Apr-2017 -- 30-Apr-2017
Baronial WarsAxemoor, Barony of21-Apr-2017 -- 22-Apr-2017
Coronation of Loric II and Diane II: Last Court of Caillin II and Danielle IIGrey Niche, Barony of07-Apr-2017 -- 09-Apr-2017
Coronation of Loric II and Diana II: Court of Loric II and DIana IIGrey Niche, Barony of07-Apr-2017 -- 09-Apr-2017
Gulf Wars 26No Group11-Mar-2017 -- 19-Mar-2017
Fighter's CollegiumBlackwood, Shire of24-Feb-2017 -- 26-Feb-2017
Fimbul Defender IVRavenshold, Shire of18-Feb-2017
Turf War of the PearlsSeleone, Barony of17-Feb-2017 -- 19-Feb-2017
Saint Sanity IVPilgrims Fount, Shire of10-Feb-2017 -- 12-Feb-2017
CandlemasGrey Niche, Barony of04-Feb-2017
Swamp RompTroll Fen, Shire of27-Jan-2017 -- 29-Jan-2017
Barbarian BrawlSmall Gray Bear, Barony of27-Jan-2017 -- 29-Jan-2017
Winter WondersArdanroe, Shire of13-Jan-2017 -- 15-Jan-2017
12th NightSeleone, Barony of07-Jan-2017
Forest MaidenBlackmoor Keep, Shire of09-Dec-2016 -- 11-Dec-2016
Christmas RevelAxemoor, Barony of02-Dec-2016 -- 04-Dec-2016
BAM - War of the Rams VNo Group17-Nov-2016 -- 20-Nov-2016
Fall Crown ListWyrmgeist, Shire of11-Nov-2016 -- 13-Nov-2016
Samhain: United We StandGrey Niche, Barony of28-Oct-2016 -- 30-Oct-2016
Diamond Wars 31Small Gray Bear, Barony of21-Oct-2016 -- 23-Oct-2016
Duvant DefenderWyrmgeist, Shire of07-Oct-2016 -- 09-Oct-2016
Coronation of Caillin II and Danielle II: Caillin and Danielle's CourtPilgrims Fount, Shire of30-Sep-2016 -- 02-Oct-2016
Coronation Of Caillin II and Danielle II: Last Court of Brian and LoreleiPilgrims Fount, Shire of30-Sep-2016 -- 02-Oct-2016
Silk RoadTor an Riogh, Shire of23-Sep-2016 -- 25-Sep-2016
Kingdom of A&SGrey Niche, Barony of16-Sep-2016 -- 18-Sep-2016
Castrum CantatasCoill Fhionnabhann, Shire of01-Sep-2016 -- 05-Sep-2016
Burning Ram IIIArdanroe, Shire of20-Aug-2016
Pennsic War 45No Group29-Jul-2016 -- 14-Aug-2016
Academy of Performing ArtsLoch Bais, Shire of23-Jul-2016
St. SwiftumPilgrims Fount, Shire of16-Jul-2016
SCA 50th YearUnknown17-Jun-2016 -- 27-Jun-2016
Steppes WarlordUnknown27-May-2016 -- 29-May-2016
Spring Crown ListPilgrims Fount, Shire of20-May-2016 -- 22-May-2016
Tournament of Champions VIISmall Gray Bear, Barony of06-May-2016 -- 08-May-2016
Ragnarock n' Roll: The Reunion TourIron Ox, Shire of29-Apr-2016 -- 01-May-2016
BeltaineGrey Niche, Barony of22-Apr-2016 -- 24-Apr-2016
Coronation of Brian and LoreleiDragoun's Weal, Shire of15-Apr-2016 -- 17-Apr-2016
Gulf Wars XXVNo Group12-Mar-2016 -- 20-Mar-2016
Fighter's CollegiumBleuflattes, College of26-Feb-2016 -- 28-Feb-2016
Fimbul Defender IIIRavenshold, Shire of20-Feb-2016
Search for St. Sanity III: Revenge of the SaintsPilgrims Fount, Shire of12-Feb-2016 -- 14-Feb-2016
CandlemasGrey Niche, Barony of06-Feb-2016 -- 31-Dec-1969
Barbarian Brawl - Arabian NightsSmall Gray Bear, Barony of23-Jan-2016
Winter Wonders XXXArdanroe, Shire of15-Jan-2016 -- 17-Jan-2016
Newbie CollegiumLagerdamm, Province of09-Jan-2016
Forest Maiden's FavourBlackmoor Keep, Shire of11-Dec-2015 -- 13-Dec-2015
Christmas Revel (2015)Axemoor, Barony of04-Dec-2015 -- 06-Dec-2015
BAM War of the Rams IVBordermarch, Barony of19-Nov-2015 -- 22-Nov-2015
Fall Crown List Lagerdamm, Province of13-Nov-2015 -- 15-Nov-2015
HavocLoch Bais, Shire of23-Oct-2015 -- 25-Oct-2015
SamhainGrey Niche, Barony of22-Oct-2015 -- 25-Oct-2015
Duvant DefenderWyrmgeist, Shire of16-Oct-2015 -- 18-Oct-2015
Duvant DefenderWyrmgeist, Shire of16-Oct-2015 -- 18-Oct-2015
Diamond WarsSmall Gray Bear, Barony of15-Oct-2015 -- 18-Oct-2015
Huntsman's HarvestCoill Fhionnabhann, Shire of10-Oct-2015
Arts and ClashDragoun's Weal, Shire of10-Oct-2015
Coronation of Faelan and LinnetGrey Niche, Barony of02-Oct-2015 -- 04-Oct-2015
Slay the DragonVogelburg, Shire of26-Sep-2015
Ravenshold's Challenge: Trolls are among us!!!Ravenshold, Shire of25-Sep-2015 -- 27-Sep-2015
Gleann Abhann 10th Year & Kingdom A&SArdanroe, Shire of18-Sep-2015 -- 20-Sep-2015
MSKDSmythkepe, Shire of28-Aug-2015 -- 30-Aug-2015
Aphar FaireLagerdamm, Province of15-Aug-2015
Burning Ram IIArdanroe, Shire of08-Aug-2015
Academy of Performing ArtsIron Ox, Shire of11-Jul-2015
Candlelight CampSmall Gray Bear, Barony of29-May-2015 -- 31-May-2015
Spring Crown ListTroll Fen, Shire of15-May-2015 -- 17-May-2015
Tournament of Champions VIPilgrims Fount, Shire of01-May-2015 -- 03-May-2015
BeltaineGrey Niche, Barony of24-Apr-2015 -- 26-Apr-2015
St BogdaciousAxemoor, Barony of17-Apr-2015 -- 19-Apr-2015
Coronation of James the Holy and JoanNo Group10-Apr-2015 -- 12-Apr-2015
Gulf Wars XXIVNo Group15-Mar-2015 -- 22-Mar-2015
Turf WarsSeleone, Barony of13-Feb-2015 -- 15-Feb-2015
CandlemasGrey Niche, Barony of07-Feb-2015
Swamp RompTroll Fen, Shire of30-Jan-2015 -- 01-Feb-2015
Bordermarch Autumn MeleesBordermarch, Barony of20-Nov-2014 -- 23-Nov-2014
Fall Crown ListWyrmgeist, Shire of06-Nov-2014 -- 08-Nov-2014
Knight's AcademyDragoun's Weal, Shire of31-Oct-2014 -- 02-Nov-2014
SamhainGrey Niche, Barony of24-Oct-2014 -- 26-Oct-2014
Coronation of Caillin and Danielle No Group03-Oct-2014 -- 05-Oct-2014
Kingdom Arts and SciencesLagerdamm, Province of19-Sep-2014 -- 21-Sep-2014
Academy of Performing ArtsIron Ox, Shire of26-Jul-2014
Spring Crown ListGrey Niche, Barony of16-May-2014 -- 18-May-2014
BeltaineGrey Niche, Barony of25-Apr-2014 -- 27-Apr-2014
Coronation of Uther III and Brigit No Group04-Apr-2014 -- 06-Apr-2014
Gulf Wars XXIIINo Group09-Mar-2014 -- 16-Mar-2014
CandlemasGrey Niche, Barony of01-Feb-2014 -- 31-Dec-1969
St BogdaciousAxemoor, Barony of31-Jan-2014 -- 02-Feb-2014
Swamp RompTroll Fen, Shire of24-Jan-2014 -- 26-Jan-2014
Christmas RevelAxemoor, Barony of06-Dec-2013 -- 08-Dec-2013
Fall Crown ListNo Group08-Nov-2013 -- 10-Nov-2013
Coronation of Ashikaga Hiromoto II and Ashikaga Kimiko IIDragoun's Weal, Shire of04-Oct-2013 -- 06-Oct-2013
Kingdom A&S 2013No Group14-Sep-2013 -- 31-Dec-1969
Slay the DragonVogelburg, Shire of06-Sep-2013 -- 08-Sep-2013
Mid-Summer Knight's DreamSmythkepe, Shire of30-Aug-2013 -- 01-Sep-2013
Aphar faireLagerdamm, Province of16-Aug-2013 -- 18-Aug-2013
Candlelight CampSmall Gray Bear, Barony of13-Jul-2013
The Gleann Abhann SymposiumArdanroe, Shire of01-Jun-2013
Spring Crown ListLoch Bais, Shire of17-May-2013 -- 19-May-2013
Cracked AnvilSmythkepe, Shire of19-Apr-2013 -- 21-Apr-2013
Coronation of Jon and EmmaSmall Gray Bear, Barony of12-Apr-2013 -- 14-Apr-2013
BeltaineGrey Niche, Barony of12-Apr-2013 -- 31-Dec-1969
Gulf Wars XXIINo Group10-Mar-2013 -- 17-Mar-2013
Fighters CollegiumAxemoor, Barony of22-Feb-2013 -- 24-Feb-0213
Christmas RevelAxemoor, Barony of07-Dec-2012 -- 09-Dec-2012
Bordermarch Autumn MeleesBordermarch, Barony of15-Nov-2012 -- 18-Nov-2012
Fall Crown ListGrey Niche, Barony of09-Nov-2012 -- 11-Nov-2012
Knight's AcademyDragoun's Weal, Shire of02-Nov-2012 -- 04-Nov-2012
Coronation of Rey and MirielNo Group05-Oct-2012 -- 07-Oct-2012
Tournament of Champions IVLoch Bais, Shire of28-Sep-2012 -- 30-Sep-2012
Kingdom Arts & SciencesLagerdamm, Province of14-Sep-2012 -- 16-Sep-2012
Academy of Performing ArtsIron Ox, Shire of28-Jul-2012
Kingdom Live Weapons - For Love of HelenSeleone, Barony of20-Jul-2012 -- 22-Jul-2012
Spring Crown ListSmall Gray Bear, Barony of18-May-2012 -- 20-May-2012
Coronation of Uther II and Kenna IIGrey Niche, Barony of13-Apr-2012 -- 15-Apr-2012
Gulf Wars XXINo Group11-Mar-2012 -- 18-Mar-2012
Fighters CollegiumVogelburg, Shire of24-Feb-2012 -- 06-Feb-2012
AthenaeumBlackwood, Shire of10-Feb-2012 -- 12-Feb-2012
CandlemasGrey Niche, Barony of04-Feb-2012
Swamp RompTroll Fen, Shire of27-Jan-2012 -- 29-Jan-2012
Winter WondersArdanroe, Shire of20-Jan-2012
Turf WarsNo Group13-Jan-2012 -- 15-Jan-2012
Christmas RevelAxemoor, Barony of09-Dec-2011 -- 11-Dec-2011
Christmas RevelAxemoor, Barony of09-Dec-2011 -- 11-Dec-2011
Bordermarch Autumn MeleesBordermarch, Barony of18-Nov-2011 -- 20-Nov-2011
Fall Crown ListTor an Riogh, Shire of11-Nov-2011 -- 13-Nov-2011
SamhainGrey Niche, Barony of04-Nov-2011 -- 06-Nov-2011
HavocLoch Bais, Shire of28-Oct-2011 -- 30-Oct-2011
Knight's AcademyDragoun's Weal, Shire of14-Oct-2011 -- 16-Oct-2011
Coronation of Ashikaga Hiromoto and Ashikaga KimikoTroll Fen, Shire of30-Sep-2011 -- 02-Oct-2011
Kingdom Arts & SciencesIron Ox, Shire of16-Sep-2011 -- 18-Sep-2011
Kingdom Live WeaponsDragoun's Weal, Shire of08-Sep-2011 -- 10-Sep-2011
Mid-summer Knight's DreamSmythkepe, Shire of02-Sep-2011 -- 04-Sep-2011
Axemoor InvestitureAxemoor, Barony of26-Aug-2011 -- 29-Aug-2011
Academy of Performing ArtsIron Ox, Shire of30-Jul-2011
Pennsic War 40No Group29-Jul-2011 -- 14-Aug-2011
Tournament of Champions Wyrmgeist & Troll FenWyrmgeist, Shire of17-Jun-2011 -- 19-Jun-2011
Spring Crown ListGrey Niche, Barony of13-May-2011 -- 15-May-2011
Forest MaidenBlackmoor Keep, Shire of29-Apr-2011 -- 01-May-2011
BeltaineGrey Niche, Barony of22-Apr-2011 -- 24-Apr-2011
Coronation of Havordh IV and MuirgenAxemoor, Barony of08-Apr-2011 -- 10-Apr-2011
Plunders and PrivateersIron Ox, Shire of01-Apr-2011 -- 03-Apr-2011
Gulf Wars XXNo Group13-Mar-2011 -- 20-Mar-2011
Fighters CollegiumDragoun's Weal, Shire of25-Feb-2011 -- 27-Feb-2011
Historical RomanceBlackwood, Shire of11-Feb-2011 -- 13-Feb-2011
Turf WarsSeleone, Barony of04-Feb-2011 -- 06-Feb-2011
Winter WondersArdanroe, Shire of14-Jan-2011 -- 16-Jan-2011
Newbie CollegiumLagerdamm, Province of07-Jan-2011 -- 09-Jan-2011
Christmas RevelAxemoor, Barony of03-Dec-2010 -- 05-Dec-2010
Bordermarch Autumn MeleesBordermarch, Barony of18-Nov-2010 -- 20-Nov-2010
Fall Crown List Smythkepe, Shire of12-Nov-2010 -- 14-Nov-2010
SamhainGrey Niche, Barony of29-Oct-2010 -- 31-Oct-2010
HavocLoch Bais, Shire of23-Oct-2010
Harvest HomeNorthover, Shire of15-Oct-2010 -- 17-Oct-2010
Diamond WarsSmall Gray Bear, Barony of08-Oct-2010 -- 10-Oct-2010
Coronation of Radu II and Broinnfinn IIArdanroe, Shire of01-Oct-2010 -- 03-Oct-2010
Holy PailRook's Haven, Shire of24-Sep-2010 -- 25-Sep-2010
Kingdom A&S 2010No Group18-Sep-2010 -- 31-Dec-1969
Slay the DragonNo Group10-Sep-2010 -- 13-Sep-2010
Mid-Summer Knight's DreamSmythkepe, Shire of03-Sep-2010 -- 05-Sep-2010
Duvant DefenderWyrmgeist, Shire of27-Aug-2010 -- 29-Aug-2010
Duvant DefenderWyrmgeist, Shire of27-Aug-2010 -- 29-Aug-2010
Gleann Abhann 5th YearNo Group20-Aug-2010 -- 22-Aug-2010
Spring Crown List Lagerdamm, Province of14-May-2010 -- 16-May-2010
Forest maidenBlackmoor Keep, Shire of30-Apr-2010 -- 02-May-2010
BeltaineGrey Niche, Barony of23-Apr-2010 -- 25-Apr-2010
AthenaeumTor an Riogh, Shire of16-Apr-2010 -- 18-Apr-2010
Coronation of Jon and BeatrixSmall Gray Bear, Barony of09-Apr-2010 -- 11-Apr-2010
Gulf Wars XIXNo Group14-Mar-2010 -- 21-Mar-2010
Fighters CollegiumBlackmoor Keep, Shire of26-Feb-2010 -- 28-Feb-2010
Winter WondersArdanroe, Shire of15-Jan-2010 -- 17-Jan-2010
Newbie CollegiumLagerdamm, Province of15-Jan-2010 -- 17-Jan-2010
Christmas RevelAxemoor, Barony of11-Dec-2009 -- 13-Dec-2009
Tournament of ChampionsIron Ox, Shire of04-Dec-2009 -- 06-Dec-2009
Fall Crown List Ardanroe, Shire of13-Nov-2009 -- 15-Nov-2009
SamhainGrey Niche, Barony of30-Oct-2009 -- 01-Nov-2009
Swamp RompTroll Fen, Shire of16-Oct-2009 -- 18-Oct-2009
Diamond WarsSmall Gray Bear, Barony of09-Oct-2009 -- 11-Oct-2009
Coronation of William II and Onora IITroll Fen, Shire of02-Oct-2009 -- 04-Oct-2009
Kingdom Arts and SciencesNo Group18-Sep-2009 -- 20-Sep-2009
Loch Bais Birthday BashLoch Bais, Shire of13-Jun-2009
Kingdom Live WeaponsSmall Gray Bear, Barony of04-Jun-2009 -- 06-Jun-2009
Spring Crown ListWyrmgeist, Shire of15-May-2009 -- 17-May-2009
Forest MaidenBlackmoor Keep, Shire of25-Apr-2009
BeltaineGrey Niche, Barony of24-Apr-2009 -- 26-Apr-2009
AthenaeumTor an Riogh, Shire of17-Apr-2009 -- 19-Apr-2009
Coronation of Loric and DianaSeleone, Barony of10-Apr-2009 -- 12-Apr-2009
Axemoor InvestitureAxemoor, Barony of03-Apr-2009 -- 05-Apr-2009
Gulf Wars XVIIINo Group15-Mar-2009 -- 22-Mar-2009
Fighters CollegiumBlackmoor Keep, Shire of27-Feb-2009 -- 01-Mar-2009
CandlemasGrey Niche, Barony of14-Feb-2009
Seleone's 30th YearSeleone, Barony of06-Feb-2009 -- 08-Feb-2009
Ghangis KhanBlackwood, Shire of30-Jan-2009 -- 01-Feb-2009
Genghis Khan the Golden HordeBlackwood, Shire of30-Jan-2009 -- 01-Feb-2009
Winter WondersArdanroe, Shire of16-Jan-2009 -- 18-Jan-2009
Diamond WarsSmall Gray Bear, Barony of10-Oct-2008 -- 12-Oct-2008
Coronation of Havordh III and Mary Grace IIINo Group03-Oct-2008 -- 05-Oct-2008
Kingdom A&S 2008No Group20-Sep-2008 -- 31-Dec-1969
Pennsic WarUnknown26-Jul-2008 -- 10-Aug-2008
Duvant DefenderWyrmgeist, Shire of13-Jun-2008 -- 15-Jun-2008
Hunt for the Prize/Swamp RompTroll Fen, Shire of30-May-2008 -- 01-Jun-2008
Coronation of William and OnoraNo Group11-Apr-2008 -- 13-Apr-2008
Gulf Wars XVIINo Group09-Mar-2008 -- 16-Mar-2008
Christmas RevelAxemoor, Barony of07-Dec-2007 -- 09-Dec-2007
Christmas RevelAxemoor, Barony of07-Dec-2007 -- 09-Dec-2007
Fall Crown ListArdanroe, Shire of16-Nov-2007 -- 18-Nov-2007
Coronation of Uther and KennaNo Group05-Oct-2007 -- 07-Oct-2007
Kingdom A&SNo Group15-Sep-2007 -- 31-Dec-1969
Loch Bais Birthday BashLoch Bais, Shire of22-Jun-2007 -- 24-Jun-2007
Hunt for the Prize -- Part DeuxAxemoor, Barony of01-Jun-2007 -- 03-Jun-2007
Coronation of Havordh II and Mary Grace IINo Group20-Apr-2007 -- 22-Apr-2007
Gulf Wars XVINo Group11-Mar-2007 -- 18-Mar-2007
Coronation of Padruig and LinnetNo Group17-Nov-2006 -- 19-Nov-2006
Masque of Red DeathBlackwood, Shire of20-Oct-2006 -- 22-Oct-2006
coronationNo Group09-Sep-2006 -- 31-Dec-1969
Hunt for the PrizeDragoun's Weal, Shire of14-Jul-2006 -- 16-Jul-2006
Coronation of Havordh and Mary GraceGrey Niche, Barony of19-May-2006 -- 21-May-2006
Crown ListNo Group06-May-2006 -- 31-Dec-1969
Coronation of Tar Radu and BroinnfhionnNo Group04-Nov-2005 -- 06-Nov-2005
coronationNo Group11-Nov-2004 -- 31-Dec-1969
Diamond WarsSmall Gray Bear, Barony of09-Sep-2004 -- 12-Sep-2004
Border RaidsNo Group26-Jun-2004 -- 31-Dec-1969
coronationNo Group03-Apr-2004 -- 31-Dec-1969
7th Gleann Abhann CoronetVogelburg, Shire of28-Jul-2001 -- 30-Jul-2001
Taverns and TreasuresNo Group16-Feb-2001 -- 18-Feb-2001
coronationNo Group05-Apr-1997 -- 31-Dec-1969
coronationNo Group13-Apr-1996 -- 31-Dec-1969
Red TowerNo Group01-Oct-1994 -- 31-Dec-1969
CoronationNo Group10-Sep-1994 -- 31-Dec-1969
july feastNo Group03-Jul-1993 -- 31-Dec-1969
12th nightNo Group18-Jan-1992 -- 31-Dec-1969
Crown ListNo Group11-Oct-1986 -- 31-Dec-1969
Unsure of EventNo Group31-Dec-1978 -- 31-Dec-1969
cailNo Group01-Jan-1970
The Very First EventNo Group01-May-1966
Unknown EventNo Group31-Dec-1969
Fall Crown List 2023Lagerdamm, Province of31-Dec-1969