Kingdom Arts & Sciences Faire

Hosted by Axemoor, Barony of from 2017-09-15 to 2017-09-17

Held at Unknown

Award Recipients At Kingdom Arts & Sciences Faire

Recipient Award
Esperanza de NavarraLaurel
Giacomo FalconeSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
Inge Bjornsson (formerly Donald MacDavies)Sovereign's Letter of Endorsement
AgmundrSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
Aelfwynn the QuietSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
Aelfwynn the QuietJeweled Ring
Adalyde de SardaigneJeweled Ring
Gabriella of SeleoneJeweled Ring
EloiseJeweled Ring
Dediana du CorwynJeweled Ring
Marcel OrillionJeweled Ring
Marie Kaldere of SeaholdJeweled Ring
Crystyna HyrundoJeweled Ring
Jorhildr HrafnkelsdottirLaurel
Judith WilkinsonOrder of the Silver Ram
Lorelei von OrlamundeOrder of the Jeweled Horn
Olyeg the QuietFrancois Cross (Favor)
Brenainn hua ConaillAward of Arms
Olaf AlyndelAward of Arms
Maerwynn uxor FlorianiOrder of the Sable Banner
Maerwynn uxor FlorianiGrant of Arms
Phlorianos KavallariosOrder of the Sable Banner
Phlorianos KavallariosGrant of Arms
Briar KievichCourt Barony
Briar KievichGrant of Arms
Jane BeaumontOrder of the Gules Quill
Thaddeus CamberwellSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
Thaddeus CamberwellJeweled Ring
Archer Michael McRobertOrder of the Diamond Chalice
Fronicka von WieduwiltOrder of the Diamond Chalice
Dia RambertiOrder of the Diamond Chalice
Kenneth of SeleoneOrder of the Marble Chalice
Alyssaundra GenevieveAward of Arms
Giacomo FornerigoOrder of the Onyx Chalice
David BootlegArrow and Bolt
Grace of Sunder-BierArrow and Bolt
Esperanza de NavarraPatent of Arms
Cecilia AugustinaChampion of the Arts