Gulf Wars 26

Hosted by No Group from 2017-03-11 to 2017-03-19

Held at Unknown

Award Recipients At Gulf Wars 26

Recipient Award
Abe AtsukoGrant of Arms
Alina nic an BhairdLaurel
Alfrikr RikssonOrder of the War Horn
Axel UlfgarssonMark of Fribrand
Bebinn inghean AnraiOrder of the Silver Ram
Belisencia de SawnyngPelican
Esteban de la BocaAward of Arms
FalconisAward of Arms
Griffin FitzWyseOrder of the War Horn
Inga JosepsdottierOrder of the Silver Ram
Inigo Juliano de Montoya y CastillaOrder of the War Horn
Kadir bin Dogukhan ibn HilalBarony of the Courts
Kane RedfeatherOrder of the War Horn
Leonora di Vitale da NapoliOrder of the Onyx Chalice
Luciano di GiovanniOrder of the Aries
Luciano di GiovanniGrant of Arms
Maerwynn uxor FlorianiFrancois Cross (Favor)
Magnus HoggvandiOrder of the Aries
Magnus HoggvandiGrant of Arms
Mateo LopezOrder of the Diamond Chalice
Mathilde de MetteneyeOrder of the Silver Lamp
Mathilde de MetteneyeGrant of Arms
Michael the MerryCombattant Ram
Philip Reinhard von BrandenburgKnight
Raven BakerOrder of the War Horn
Renee ReynoldOrder of the Silver Ram
Taddea di TriesteGrant of Arms
Tancred SilverhawkMark of Fribrand
Viktoriya PhiloMaster of Defense
Wernherus RudemannOrder of the War Horn
Zaneta moglie di Nicolo MarcelloOrder of the Onyx Chalice
Afinn PorolfsdottirOrder of the Marble Chalice
Alaina DunnAward of Arms
Morgan ConnemaraAward of Arms
Merddynn of Dark Elm fka MerddynnAward of Arms
Jahanara bint Da'ifiOrder of the Lamb
Avelina FaukesAward of Arms
Alba of BlackwoodAward of Arms
Alina nic an BhairdPatent of Arms
Belisencia de SawnyngPatent of Arms
Merddynn of Dark Elm fka MerddynnOrder of the Silver Ram