Virtual Court of Connor and Victoria

Hosted by No Group from 2020-03-28 to 2020-03-28

Held at Unknown

Award Recipients At Virtual Court of Connor and Victoria

Recipient Award
Ellisif Halbjarnardottir (fka) Elspeth Forsyth)Award of Arms
Ellisif Halbjarnardottir (fka) Elspeth Forsyth)Order of the Onyx Chalice
Rixa ZakowskiOrder of the Onyx Chalice
Jehanette ThorntonAward of Arms
Carabella Aileen MacFie, known as Carabella the Crow Order of the Onyx Chalice
EloiseCombattant Ram
Daphne of ColchesterOrder of the Marble Chalice
Lofi of RavensholdGrant of Arms
Hans NiemannOrder of the Onyx Chalice
Kara FasthaldirGrant of Arms
Robert the JustCourt Barony
David BootlegOrder of the Sable Huntsman
David BootlegGrant of Arms
Tosten Megansbjorn fkaTosten MorganCombattant Ram
Elvira Belladona de la Rosa (“Gypsy”)Award of Arms
Award of Arms
Marie Isabelle TaillourOrder of Argent Branch
Thorfinna KolsdottirGrant of Arms
Isobel de GrayOrder of the Silver Lamp
Isobel de GrayGrant of Arms
Broinninn inghean AindriasaOrder of the Queen's Silver Blade
Galiana D'AvinhonOrder of the War Drum
Alfarr SaefarasonOrder of the Lamb
Marjory de WarenneOrder of the Shepherds
Marcilla le DespenseurOrder of the Ram's Heart
Joya la NormandeOrder of the Ram's Heart
Sigurth KhaymanOrder of the Onyx Chalice
Thendir BrokkersonAward of Arms
Thendir BrokkersonOrder of the Silver Ram
Bride O'SullivanOrder of the Onyx Chalice
Robert Gathin AlbritOrder of the Ram's Heart
Ifor de LeycesterOrder of the Ram's Heart
Dorian WilliamsOrder of the Lamb
Seaghdha MacTaithlighGrant of Arms
Afinn PorolfsdottirGrant of Arms
Hrolf Tryggsson (“Pops”)Order of the Marble Chalice
Asperia A ProthynysOrder of the Onyx Chalice
Evlaliia SvenevichaPillar of the Ram
John the BellringerOrder of the Marble Chalice
Griffin FitzWyseFrancois Cross (Favor)
Helena de NavarraOrder of the Sable Chamfron
D'aifi IsfahaniOrder of the Argent Chamfron
Brenna O'Duynie called FroggieOrder of Argent Branch
Grimmbrand of GrimfellsGrant of Arms
Grimmbrand of GrimfellsCourt Barony
JoeAngus of Clann GunnGleann Abhann Iron Torc
Jali BukhaSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
Christine O'Neill of CorkSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
Leonotis Daemonicus mka Malachi O'ConnorSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
Jon the TallSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
Sara de la PetraJeweled Ring
Lailiane AusoniaJeweled Ring
Ranulf il TenanceJeweled Ring
Myra of the GlenJeweled Ring
Jali BukhaJeweled Ring
Jacqueline de LyonsQueen's Order of Courtliness
Erick HoldstarOrder of the Onyx Chalice
Meghan of TarahylleOrder of the Onyx Chalice
Cyprian an DoireOrder of the Queen's Silver Blade
Varukh syn IaryginCourt Barony
Cyprian an DoireGrant of Arms
Ashbjorn AshbjornhedinnAward of Arms
Katryne MacIntosh the StrangeOrder of the Jeweled Horn