Unsure of Event

Hosted by No Group from 1978-12-31 to

Held at Unknown

Award Recipients At Unsure of Event

Recipient Award
Dufgall brestingr VinaldassonGleann Abhann Marble Chalice(P)
Abe AtsukoAward of Arms
Kieran MacTireGleann Abhann Marble Chalice(P)
Kieran MacTireAward of Arms
Angharat verch TrahaernOrder of Tower and Lily
Sara de la ValAward of Arms
Jacquette D'AnjouAward of Arms
Tundryn JarlssonKeys of Gleann Abhann (fka Citizen)
Karsas Sarmatae called TalanAward of Arms
Emeric de ZaraAward of Arms
Meaghan Arsmith of LudlowOrder of the Ram's Heart
Meaghan Arsmith of LudlowRose
Meaghan Arsmith of LudlowOrder of the Argent Comet
Aengus Mac OweinPatent of Arms
Alimah bint AbbasPatent of Arms
Anna Nikolaevna PetrakovaPatent of Arms
Anyeta the WandererPatent of Arms
Arielle de BrabazonPatent of Arms
Artos AncilusPatent of Arms
Beorn CollenfehrthPatent of Arms
Brenna Lowri o RuthinPatent of Arms
Brian Mac BrandPatent of Arms
Brigid Mhor inghean MhuirchadaPatent of Arms
Brigit Olesdottir of Loch ReePatent of Arms
Broinnfinn inghean ui ChathainPatent of Arms
Caedmon macAhernPatent of Arms
Caillin MacLeodPatent of Arms
Connor McEldridgePatent of Arms
Damiano Elie BelliniPatent of Arms
Daphne of ColchesterPatent of Arms
Diana of the IslesPatent of Arms
Eilidh nin ChoinnichPatent of Arms
Elazar of NorthumbriaPatent of Arms
Eleri of CaerleonPatent of Arms
Eric of ChesterPatent of Arms
Erik of TelemarkPatent of Arms
Rixa EriksdottirGrant of Arms
Leonora Isabella NicolliniOrder of the Silver Ram
Kieran ForrestierOrder of the Marble Chalice
Joan of OOCQueen's Confidence
Aesa GaethfogmarGrant of Arms
Rachael du Bois le BasqueAward of Arms
Hans NiemannGrant of Arms
Hans NiemannOrder of the Leather Mallet
Hans NiemannOrder of the Torse
Hans NiemannAward of Arms
Hans NiemannPopular Company of Sojo
Esteban Tomas de SantinPatent of Arms
Evelyn DemondPatent of Arms
Finn NormanssonPatent of Arms
Fiona Mairi MacQuarriePatent of Arms
Floriadh nic AlisdairPatent of Arms
Francesca da TraniPatent of Arms
Francois DuvantPatent of Arms
Gabrielle von StrassburgPatent of Arms
Gisela von Edgemund called TipperthPatent of Arms
A'isha bint ShamirDuchy
A'isha bint ShamirCounty
A'isha bint ShamirRose
A'isha bint ShamirAward of Arms
A'isha bint ShamirGrant of Arms
A'isha bint ShamirOrder of the Dolphin
Lorccan hua ConchobairGauntlet of Caid
Lorccan hua ConchobairOrder of the Dolphin
A'isha bint ShamirLux Caidis
A'isha bint ShamirHarp Argent
A'isha bint ShamirLegion of Courtesy
A'isha bint ShamirAmbassador of Courtesy
Conrad BreakringDuchy
Conrad BreakringCounty
Conrad BreakringKnight
Conrad BreakringPatent of Arms
Conrad BreakringGauntlet of Caid
Conrad BreakringBarony of the Courts
Conrad BreakringCrescent Sword
Conrad BreakringLegion of Courtesy
Conrad BreakringFormer Territorial Barony
Conrad BreakringSigillum Regis
Conrad BreakringWreath of Valor
Conrad BreakringDefender of Flame of Starkhafn
Conrad BreakringSt. Illuminatus of Starkhafn
Conrad BreakringFlames of Starkhafn
Conrad BreakringUlftonn of Starkhafn
Sergio Dello Scudo BiancoAward of Arms
Godfrey of HuntingtonSovereigns Pleasure of Meridies
Gareth Le BruinOrder of the Argent Lily
Gareth Le BruinGrant of Arms
Liam DevlinAward of Arms
Liam DevlinGleann Abhann Bard
Donngal mac RonainGrant of Arms
Donngal mac RonainCompanion of the Coill's Champions
Wilim Penbras ap GurgeneuAward of Arms
Wilim Penbras ap GurgeneuSable Crane of Ansteorra
Wilim Penbras ap GurgeneuKing's Archer
Michael MalloryMaster of Defense
Michael MalloryCrescent Sword
Michael MalloryOrder of the White Scarf
Michael MalloryOrder of Dolphin
Michael MalloryLegion of Courtesy
Michael MalloryAward of Arms
Michael MalloryDuellist
Michael MalloryCorde de Guerre
Michael MalloryVanguard of Honor
Michael MalloryPatent of Arms
Reina MacCormickPelican
Reina MacCormickPatent of Arms
Reina MacCormickCrescent Sword
Reina MacCormickOrder of Dolphin
Reina MacCormickDuellist
Reina MacCormickLegion of Courtesy
Reina MacCormickGolden Lance
Reina MacCormickChamfron
Reina MacCormickQueen's Champion - Equestrian
Lee FribrandAward of Arms