Gulf Wars 28

Hosted by No Group from 2019-03-09 to 2019-03-17

Held at Unknown

Award Recipients At Gulf Wars 28

Recipient Award
Emeric de ZaraGrant of Arms
Dauid Mac Ahn Ghaill (called Odyssey Dave)Order of the Ram's Heart
Amber Rhianna MorganJeweled Ring
Hus Morka SkogenArgent Keystone
Jali BukhaOrder of the Diamond Chalice
Katryne MacIntosh the StrangeOrder of the Garnet Chalice
Muirgen of the Mists known as MorganaJeweled Ring
Kalisa CherenovaCourt Barony
Crystyna HyrundoAugumentation of Arms
James le Strange called the HolyOrder of the War Horn
Sebastian Martinez de LeonOrder of the War Horn
Art mac Ruadain ui LugdachOrder of the War Horn
Sara de la ValOrder of the War Horn
RollingbullAward of Arms
Aeduin HackeSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
Luciano di GiovanniOrder of the Silver Ram
Asperia A ProthynysAward of Arms
Sigurd StormbornCombattant Ram
Sigurd StormbornAward of Arms
Kara FasthaldirJeweled Ring
Isobel de GrayOrder of the Silver Ram
Cecilia AugustinaOrder of the Gules Quill
Connor McEldridgeSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
Brock MacLachlanOrder of the War Horn
Gellir GunnarssonOrder of the Condatis
Cook's GuildArgent Keystone
Jarisleif HammerbreakerAward of Arms
Daphne of ColchesterFrancois Cross (Favor)
Leonotis Daemonicus mka Malachi O'ConnorJeweled Ring
Gaius Curtis PrimusOrder of the Ram's Heart
Caerfael Caereg of AberderonCourt Barony
Engelise BlanchetteCourt Barony
Onora inghean mhic CathainJeweled Ring
Emeric de ZaraGleann Abhann Equestrian
Elida Grimmsdottir known as Momma HelenJeweled Ring
HunterKeys of Gleann Abhann (fka Citizen)