SCA NameDate Awarded
Barony of Axemoor2008-12-12
Barony of Grey Niche2011-04-01
Brewers' Guild2011-02-25
Clan Gambit2012-03-14
Clan Marshin Fayne2011-04-09
Cook's Guild2019-03-14
Hamarr Ulf2022-04-09
House Beaumont2007-03-15
House Itineris2010-05-21
House of the Holy2014-04-04
House of the Three Dragons2007-04-20
House Telemark2008-04-11
Hus Morka Skogen2019-03-14
Iris Kepe2019-02-02
John the Pursuwer1998-04-03
John the Pursuwer1998-04-03
Maison des Animeaus2011-03-16
Mikail Al-Rashid2011-03-16
Rey Ribeaumont2002-11-02
Shadow Legion2012-04-27
Shire of Ardanroe2011-09-16
Shire of Pilgrim's Fount2017-09-11
Shire of Smythkepe2011-09-16

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