SCA NameDate Awarded
AEoelbeorht of Harduic2015-12-05
Antoinette Argentina aka Annette of Axemoor2014-10-04
Asbjorn Gudvardr2012-11-03
Conall O Caindealbhain2016-08-20
Ian Oliver2011-09-30
James the Holy2018-04-21
Magnus Hoggvandi2014-08-16
Odran Fhionn2007-12-07
Olyeg the Quiet2018-01-27
Sean Forrester2009-06-04
Wulfram Forester2013-12-07
Wulfram Forester2017-06-03
Wulfram Forester2007-06-01
Wulfram Forester2009-10-02

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