Spring Crown / Coronation - James II / Joan II

Hosted by Tor an Riogh, Shire of from 2018-04-13 to 2018-04-15

Held at Unknown

Award Recipients At Spring Crown / Coronation - James II / Joan II

Recipient Award
Sara de la PetraOrder of the Silver Lamp
Sara de la ValOrder of the Diamond Chalice
Damiano Elie BelliniPelican
Erik of TelemarkOrder of the Ram's Heart
Adam GoodwineOrder of the Ram's Heart
Thorgrim RiftwalkerSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
Gellir GunnarssonSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
Briar KievichSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
Aeduin HackeSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
Axel UlfgarssonSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
Fatima al-NaqidahSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
Svanr HolysonSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
AthasSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
William Fitzhugh de CambriaSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
Ryan DollasJeweled Ring
Danielle de la RocheJeweled Ring
Kathleen of LagerdammJeweled Ring
Theresa of LagerdammJeweled Ring
Viktoriya PhiloJeweled Ring
Jacquette D'AnjouJeweled Ring
Floki RefskeggJeweled Ring
Kitta FuxdottirJeweled Ring
Allet HartmannJeweled Ring
Inga KnarbringgaJeweled Ring
Abe AtsukoJeweled Ring
Belisencia de SawnyngJeweled Ring
Brynja ValsdottirJeweled Ring
Isobel de GrayJeweled Ring
Gentile D'OrleansJeweled Ring
Aengus Mac OweinFrancois Cross (Favor)
Meaghan Arsmith of LudlowFrancois Cross (Favor)
Griffin FitzWyseSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
Lopthaena KolgrimrsdottirJeweled Ring
Grimbaldus BaconWreath of Chivalry
Jali BukhaSovereign's Letter of Endorsement
Cecilia AugustinaJeweled Ring
Else FitzpenJeweled Ring
Olivia GreyJeweled Ring
Runa UlfsdotrirOrder of the Condatis