Active Marshals for Live Weapons

SCA NameSCA Groupcard numberexpiry dateLive Weapons MarshalLive Weapons Authorization Marshal
Aeduuin Thee HackeSeleone, Barony of2028-11-30YesNo
Angharat verch TrahaernAxemoor, Barony of2025-12-31YesNo
Archer Michael McRobertSmall Gray Bear, Barony of2025-09-30YesNo
Dafydd ap y KynithAxemoor, Barony of2028-02-29YesYes
David BootlegAxemoor, Barony of2027-09-30YesNo
David FlecherIron Ox, Shire of1973772028-11-30YesNo
Edmund of PenyngtonCoill Fhionnabhann, Shire of2028-05-31YesYes
Egil HarroldsonAxemoor, Barony of2028-05-31YesYes
Frederick AltonLagerdamm, Province of2025-03-31YesYes
James the ShrubPilgrims Fount, Shire of2027-10-31YesYes
Neil GrayDragoun's Weal, Shire of2028-03-31YesYes
Nekoyami ChidoriSmall Gray Bear, Barony of2025-09-06YesNo
Olyeg the QuietDragoun's Weal, Shire of2026-11-25YesYes
Wulfram ForesterTroll Fen, Shire of2027-05-31YesYes