Active Marshals for Youth Rapier

SCA NameSCA Groupcard numberexpiry dateYouth Rapier Marshal
Aethan DunmireTroll Fen, Shire of82024-04-30Yes
Brock MacLachlanGrey Niche, Barony of2025-06-30Yes
Damiano Elie BelliniGrey Niche, Barony of22025-06-30Yes
Erik of TelemarkSeleone, Barony of12025-08-11Yes
Shaul ben Yisrael of Poznan called ShoielNorthover, Shire of272025-06-30Yes
Toirdhealbach WesleySmall Gray Bear, Barony of2024-08-31Yes
Wulfram ForesterTroll Fen, Shire of62024-05-01Yes