Gulf Wars XXV

Hosted by No Group from 2016-03-12 to 2016-03-20

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Award Recipients At Gulf Wars XXV

Recipient Award
Heidi of AxemoorOrder of Bow and Blade - Axemoor
Heidi of AxemoorOrder of the Axe - Axemoor
Cordeilla SharpeOrder of the Axe - Axemoor
Neil GrayOrder of the Axe - Axemoor
Emma GreyOrder of the Axe - Axemoor
Dirk SharpeOrder of the Axe - Axemoor
Andrew mac Corryn fka Andrew MacCorryn Order of the Axe - Axemoor
David BootlegOrder of Bow and Blade - Axemoor
Gentile D'OrleansOrder of the Axe - Axemoor
Dafydd ap y KynithOrder of the Sable Huntsman
Cecilia of Dragoun's WealOrder of the Silver Lamb
Ysabeau de la MareOrder of the Queen's Silver Blade
Lofi of RavensholdAward of Arms
Lofi of RavensholdOrder of the Silver Ram
Conall O CaindealbhainOrder of the Gules Quill
Ysabeau de la MareGrant of Arms
Zaneta moglie di Nicolo MarcelloGrant of Arms
Aethan DunmireCourt Barony
Heidi of AxemoorAward of Arms
Cordeilla SharpeAward of Arms
Dirk SharpeAward of Arms
Andrew mac Corryn fka Andrew MacCorryn Award of Arms
Alfrikr RikssonGrant of Arms
Alina nic an BhairdOrder of Argent Branch
Damiano Elie BelliniMaster of Defense
Katrinka WhiteHairOrder of the Diamond Chalice
Carol of Iron OxAward of Arms
Christiana BreakspeareGrant of Arms
Aurora HamilcarAward of Arms
Combattant Lambs
Jamye of AxemoorAward of Arms
Bolchivick of the VillardCombattant Lambs
Darius of Iron OxCombattant Lambs
Jali BukhaGrant of Arms
Aaron of NorthoverAward of Arms
Felix of NorthoverAward of Arms
Sigmund GrundelKeys of Gleann Abhann (fka Citizen)
Kenneth of SeleoneOrder of the Ram's Heart
Rei the WandererOrder of the Ram's Heart
John RobertsonOrder of the Ram's Heart
Geneviefve d'EstelleKeys of Gleann Abhann (fka Citizen)
Barax GreichoAward of Arms